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Brief guide to Studielink

Students can use the Studielink website, www.studielink.nl, to arrange their enrolment or re-enrolment at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands and to register with the DUO  It offers a single point of access for students to enrol, de-enrol or pass on any change of address. 

Stichting Studielink provides a framework in which the institutions of higher education can work together and with DUO to develop a professional infrastructure for the enrolment process and the associated exchange of information between students, universities of applied sciences, universities and DUO.

Students can enter and check information which they can then access and use whenever they need it. This also applies for all bodies involved in the enrolment process, including universities of applied sciences, universities and DUO.

Whenever possible, Studielink is linked directly to authentic sources, such as the municipal personal records database (GBA), which includes personal data, and the IB-Groep’s General Register for Student Numbers (including exam data). The result is a significant reduction in the paper-based bureaucracy for students and institutions. It also enables an increase in the quality of information sharing: since the information need only be entered and checked once, there is less chance of error than if several bodies enter and check the same information individually.

Stichting Studielink also provides institutions of higher education with a platform for more far reaching cooperation and innovation in higher education in terms of Student & Education information and administration. Changes in the form and content of the education on offer, in students’ behaviour and the way they study and in government regulation, call for continuous innovation within higher education. Studielink promotes this innovation by means of cooperation and standardisation in higher education while maintaining the independence of individual institutions.

Studielink has been created for and by higher education itself (initially only for those institutions of higher education that are financed by the Dutch government). Studielink is a product of Stichting Studielink, involving close collaboration between institutions of higher education and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Science, VSNU and DUO: the Studielink partners.

Enrol or re-enrol now www.studielink.nl