New and improved Studielink!

Posted on 03-09-2018

Between 1 Oct. and 10 Oct. 2018 the website will be down and it will be impossible to reach Studielink will be under construction because we are working on a new, improved website!

What's going to change?
Studielink will have a more modern look and feel. It should be easier for oncoming national and international students to apply for higher education in the Netherlands. What won't change? In the new Studielink application you can still log in with DigiD and you will still be able to find your personal applications and data in your own Studielink Dashboard!

You don't have DigiD?
There will be some bigger changes for you, so pay close attention. From 10 Oct. onwards, you will not be able to log in with your username and password anymore. From then on you can only log in with an emailaddress and a password. However, the very first time you log in after 10 Oct. you will have to log in with your old username and password on the new website to retrieve your old account. After you log in, you will be asked to verify your emailaddress and your account will be re-activated.

PLEASE NOTE: After 1 Oct. you will not be able to request your old username and password through a Forgotten username/password-link. There is no way to retrieve either of them, so make sure you to save it somewhere before 1 Oct.!

Have you not filled in an enrolment application yet?
If you have an account without enrolment application in the last two years, your account will be deleted. After 10 Oct. you can create a new account on
Enrol or re-enrol now