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Only one Studielink session permitted at a time

Posted on 18-02-2016

Do you receive the message below when trying to log in?

'You are unable to log in because another Studielink session is open or has not been correctly closed. Try to close it or try to log in again in an hour.'

A Studielink session which has not been closed correctly will remain active in the background for a short time. Wait an hour and try again. You should then be able to log in again.

To prevent this from happening, close every Studielink session by clicking 'Log out'. Closing the session using the 'cross' in the browser may result in a concealed open session, meaning that you will temporarily be unable to log in. NB: If you pay via your bank, then make sure that you return to the Studielink page in order to log out in the correct manner.

If you are using the mobile Studielink website, you can close this correctly by clicking the 'Go back arrow' at the top left.

If you have waited an hour and still receive this message, please contact your (future) university of applied sciences or university. 

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