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How to use Studielink?

Studielink step-by-step plan

Using Studielink for the first time? For more information about Studielink, have a look at the navigation on the left side. It tells you how to use Studielink to arrange your own enrolment or re-enrolment at your institution of higher education online.

You can also download the general Studielink step-by-step plan (with or without DigiD):
Studielink step-by-step plan without DigiD

Or you can check the Studielink Q&A for the answers to your questions about the use of Studielink.

For more detailed descriptions you can check the step-by-step plans per process in Studielink below:

'Create account in Studielink (with DigiD)'
'Create account in Studielink (without DigiD)'
'Enrolment application numerus fixus programme'
'Digital (direct debit) authorisation'
'Change account number for digital direct debit authorisation'
'Other method of payment'
'Request for termination of enrolment'
'Do not re-enrol'

The following screencast movies are available:

'Create account without DigiD'
'Digital authorisation'
'Request for termination of enrolment'

Click here to go to Studielink directly.


Enrol or re-enrol now www.studielink.nl