How to use Studielink?

How does Studielink work?


You must go through a number of steps during the enrolment process. For more details information you can also check the General instruction Studielink.

  1. You start by applying for a Studielink account via <Create Studielink-account without DigiD>.
  2. Once you have entered your personal and contact details, you will receive an email to verify your email address. After this you receive a second email to create a password.
  3. Now you will be asked to enter information about your previous education. This information will nee to be verified by the educational institution. They will ask you to send in copies of your diploma and grade list.
  4. Once you have entered your previous education into Studielink, you can directly proceed with entering an enrolment application.
    Once you have entered this information, Studielink needs to ascertain your identity beforehand. The identity and personal details of students not resident in the Netherlands will be verified by the institution of higher education where they wish to study. It is important that you keep a close eye on any email messages from Studielink, as they may contain further instructions.
  5. If you have completed all the steps of Studielink, you have finished submitting your application in Studielink. There may, however, be additional steps in the enrolment process, for example if you have selected a numerus fixus programme. Please keep an eye on the Studielink status at all times, and check the informational brochure or the website of the institution for higher education to see if further steps must be taken. For example, you always have to pay your tuition fees before you can be enrolled. Each institution of higher education has different enrolment procedures. Studielink passes your information on to the relevant institution of higher education. Click here for more information about payment by digital (direct debit) authorisation and Other method of payment.
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