The last steps before your study programme starts: submitting your payment details via Studielink

As of 1 May, it has become possible to submit your payment details to many educational institutions via Studielink. Studielink will send you a message if it is possible for you to enter your payment details. In this message, we will list the payment options that are possible in Studielink and provide tips to help you smoothly and easily submit your payment before your study programme starts. 

Digital authorisation or digital direct debit authorisation 
In Studielink, you can submit your payment details in different ways. The most commonly used form of payment is to provide a digital authorisation or a digital direct debit authorisation. By choosing these payment options, you are granting the educational institution you plan to attend permission to withdraw the tuition fees from your bank account, either in periodic instalments or all at once. This means that, when you choose these methods of payment, you can indicate the instalments in which you would like to pay, as well as who will be paying the tuition fees. If this is someone other than yourself, you will receive an email with a payment link that you can forward to the person who will be paying the tuition fees for you: nice and convenient! 


The difference between a digital authorisation and a digital direct debit authorisation is that, with a digital authorisation, you will submit the payment details to your educational institution in your Studielink account. When you use a digital direct debit authorisation, you will be redirected to the digital environment of your bank, where you will approve the direct debit. 

  • Read the step-by-step instructions on how to arrange a digital authorisation or digital direct debit authorisation.
  • For questions and answers on how to issue a digital authorisation or digital direct debit authorisation, please see our Q&A (the VRAAGbaak).
  • If you are having trouble arranging authorisation via the Rabobank, we have tips on how to deal with this here.


Tip: when you are ready to arrange the digital direct debit authorisation, it is a good idea to have your bank's e-reader and your account details close at hand! 


Other method of payment 
Some educational institutions offer you the option of submitting payment to them by other means. If the educational institution supports this, you can select ‘Other method of payment’ as your preferred payment option. You will then tell the institution who will be submitting payment and save your preferred method of payment. The educational institution will send you instructions on how to complete the payment to them. 

  • Read the step-by-step instructions for using other method of payment.
  • For questions and answers regarding other means of payment, please see our Q&A (the VRAAGbaak).
  • Please contact your educational institution if you have questions about using other means of payment.


Using the proof of paid tuition fees as your payment option 
Proof of paid tuition fees (bewijs betaald collegegeld, BBC) is proof that you have paid statutory tuition fees at an institution of higher education. If you have paid statutory tuition fees at an educational institution in the Netherlands and wish to enrol in a second study programme at a different institution of higher education in the same academic year, you only have to pay the statutory tuition fees once.


As of May, you can indicate via Studielink that you wish to pay using a BBC. Depending on whether the educational institution supports this, it may be possible to apply for and forward a digital copy of the BBC in Studielink. If the educational institution in question does not support this, you will need to apply for the BBC from the institution to which you paid tuition fees outside of Studielink. You should then forward the BBC to the educational institution where you wish to submit your BBC as proof of payment. 

  • Step-by-step instructions for requesting a BBC can be found here.
  • For questions and answers regarding the proof of paid tuition fees (BBC), please see our Q&A (the VRAAGbaak).