Submit enrolment application for 2024-2025

On October 1, 2023 it will be possible to submit your enrolment application for academic year 2024-2025.


Bug causing a server error in certain situations has been fixed

The bug that caused a server error in certain situations when accepting an offered place for a numerus fixus programma is fixed.


Bug blocking the possibility to accept an offered place for a numerus fixus programme has been fixed

A bug was detected in the morning of 15 April in the Studielink application for accepting the place offered for a numerus fixus programme. The 'Accept' button was not shown.


New Studielink home page now live!

Working with students, Studielink has developed a new home page for its application.


Studielink page fails to load when selecting the study programme from a link from the website of the educational institution

Currently, there is a bug in Studielink regarding the link that should directly take you from the website from the educational institution to the study programme in Studielink, in order to submit an enrolment application.


Possible changes in the name of a previous education

Have you noticed that the name of your previous education in the Studielink application has suddenly changed?


Submit enrolment application for 2023-2024

On October 1, 2022 it will be possible to submit your enrolment application for academic year 2023-2024.


Be aware of phone scams

We were informed by police that many young people with an international background are being digitally scammed.


As of February 17 in Studielink: verifying identity when creating an account

As of February 17, students who do not have a DigiD must have their identity verified immediately when creating a Studielink account. In most cases, this concerns foreign students who do not yet live in the Netherlands. The central verification of personal data makes Studielink more secure.


The way you log in to Studielink with your DigiD has changed

Do you use your DigiD to log in to your Studielink account? Logging in to Studielink with your DigiD will only be possible with the DigiD app (via a smartphone or tablet) or a verification via text message (mobile/landline telephone).


The last steps before your study programme starts: submitting your payment details via Studielink

As of 1 May, it has become possible to submit your payment details to many educational institutions via Studielink. Studielink will send you a message if it is possible for you to enter your payment details. In this message, we will list the payment options that are possible in Studielink and provide tips to help you smoothly and easily submit your payment before your study programme starts. 


Log in with eIDAS

Do you not (yet) live in the Netherlands, but do you live in Europe? Then it has recently become possible to log in to Studielink with eIDAS. 


Error while using Digital Debit Authorisation at Rabobank?

If you are giving off a Digital Debit Authorisation at Rabobank in some cases an error will occur.