Error while using Digital Debit Authorisation at Rabobank?

If you are giving off a Digital Debit Authorisation at Rabobank in some cases an error will occur. The errormessage is ‘Communication Error’ or ‘Foutmelding 2500’. This can happen when you use a Digital debit authorisation yourself, or when a third party will.

Please note: this error should only occur if you have previously (last year) authorised a debit statement for your tuition payment.

There are two workarounds available for this issue:

  1. You can re-use the authorisation from last year. The first question will be ‘Do you want to reuse the digital authorisation that you issued in the previous academic year with this institution?’. Click yes. 
  2. When filling in the payment details instead of choosing ‘Rabobank’, choose the option ‘Other’ and fill in your regular (Rabobank) payment details. You will not be redirected to the Rabobank payment website. This is a digital authorisation but not a digital direct debit authorisation.

Is this the first time that you are authorising a debit statement for tuition payment? Please contact the Rabobank. If the bank is unable to help you, we recommend that you use the fall-back option of selecting ‘Other’ as your bank, so that you can set up a digital direct debit authorisation in Studielink anyway.